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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Civil War fiction has certainly been popular lately. Today is the day that Donald Mc Caig's much-anticipated book Rhett Butler's People is being released. That one is likely to be on the bestseller lists. But what hasn't made it that is worth reading? That is the question we are always asking here. In October we came up with an entire list devoted to the subject of the Civil War. Lots of great history books that explore topics like the role of women in the War, and advances in medicine during the War. On the Fiction side we recommend Soul Catcher by Michael C. White. This book has proven to be a hit with staff and patrons alike. Civil War buffs shouldn't forget the classic Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. If you read it in school you might still want to revisit it. As always, kids aren't left out of our Beyond the Bestseller List. Our Children's Room staff found some great books for children that will entertain and teach them some important history as well.
Our November recommendations are a mixed bag. Like You'd Understand, Anyway by Jim Shepard is an impressive collection of well-crafted short stories. The Monk Downstairs by Tim Farrington is a charming tale with quirky, real-life characters. For nonfiction we recommend I'll Drink to That by Rudolph Chelminski. He has written a lively treatise on Georges Duboeuf and Beaujolais. The author will be speaking at the library on November 16. Fans of Beaujolais Noveau will know that this is the night after the release of the 2007 Noveau.
We always like to hear recommendations from patrons. If you loved a book and want to spread the word about it, let us know!


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